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  Marvel comics adaptation of STAR TREK after the events of the MOTION PICTURE

Endeavor captain

they beam aboard finding the captain dead

Endeavor ops

the crew is possesed

Endeavor vulcan

and kill each other

Kepler departing Endeavor

hester steals a shuttle

USS Endeavor adrift

the enterprise finds her

USS Endeavor NCC-1705

they take control of the ship

Kepler wrecked

hester is found but she is dead

of the comic book where the crew of the ENTERPRISE comes upon the ENDEAVOUR a starship missing for 22 years. unexpectedly it attacks but is disabled by the enterprise and KIRK and company beam aboard to find the crew dead- they had killed each other as the crew was possessed by entities which in turn possess uhura and three other enterprise crew. KIRK finds out the entities motives they were victims of a transporter accident by one JANET HESTER who experiments were outlawed but she contuined to conduct them and when the ENDEAVOUR took her into custody she escaped in a shuttlcraft. The entities was chasing her for 22 years but HESTERS granddaughter was serving on enterprise and the entities thinks its her but KIRK lures them down to a planetoid where the shuttle had crashed killing HESTER and the entities attack the shuttle and kirk destroys them by overloading their hand phasers blowing them up.
Marvel TOS 09

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