Sam & Max Save the World artwork

Sam and Max Save the World is a 2006 episodic adventure game released by Telltale games originally as Sam and Max Season One. It stars the "freelance police", Sam and Max, as they thwart various bizarre n'er-do-wells around the scenic slums of New York City, Washington DC, and the Moon.

Each episode in the season relates both to the overaarching story of new age guru Hugh Bliss and the theme mind control.

Episode One: Culture ShockEdit

Three dwarf sitcom stars, the Soda Poppers, are hypnotizsed by their rival Brady Culture to commit crimes.

Episode Two: Situation: Comedy!Edit

Talkshow host Myra Stand is entranced by a teddy bear and holds her audience hostage.

Episode Three: The Mole, the Mob, and the MeatballEdit

Sam and Max investiage the toy mafia, creators of the hypnotic teddy bear from episode two.

Episode Four: Abe Lincoln Must Die!Edit

When Max wins the presidential election over the animated statue of Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln goes on a rampage, hypnotizing the people of the world to ironically be his slaves.

Episode Five: Internet 2.0Edit

More and more people are becoming entranced by the cyberworld of Internet 2.0. Sam and Max investigate.

Episode Six: Bright Side of the MoonEdit

Sam and Max unveil the secret plot of Hugh Bliss, revealed to be a spacefaring colony of sentient bacteria, who plans to imprint his cheerful personality onto the entire Earth and devour the resulting chemicals exuded by the blissful population. To stop Sam and Max, he drains facets of Max's personality from his mind, leaving him docile. In the end, the Freelance Police foil Hugh Bliss' plot by imprinting Max's personality onto the world instead. With the only cure to the process being head trauma, Sam and Max close the season by driving around the entire world, punching everyone in the head.

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