Santo and Blue Demon vs. Dracula and the Wolf Man (originally titled Santo y Blue Demon contra Dracula y el Hombre Lobo) is a 1973 Mexican horror movie about two masked wrestlers (Santo and Blue Demon, playing themselves) who defend their loved ones from Dracula (Aldo Monti) and the Wolf Man (Augustin Martinez Solares). It was one of eight movies released in 1973 starring the popular Santo. It costarred Nubia Marti, Maria Eugenia San Martin, and Alfredo Willy Barron.

Plot SummaryEdit

After a wrestling match, Santo joins his girlfriend Lina (Marti) on a visit to the distinguished Professor Cristaldi (Jorge Mondragon), Lina's uncle. The Professor enlists Santo's help in protecting his family from Dracula and the Wolf Man, who were slain by Cristaldi's ancestors 400 years ago. Cristaldi believes that the two are planning to get their revenge on his family, and he is soon proven right when Eric (Barron) kidnaps and sacrifices him to bring the two monsters back to life.

The Professor is declared missing by the police, so Santo recruits his friend Blue Demon to help with the search. Meanwhile, Dracula and the Wolf Man begin their plan to turn Lina, her sister Laura (San Martin), and Laura's daughter Rosita (Lissy Fields) into monsters. The Wolf Man romances Laura as "Rufus" and captures her. She is turned into a vampire and abducts her daughter, returning to Dracula's mansion. Meanwhile, Dracula uses his powers to hypnotize Lina and summons her to the mansion. Blue Demon follows, but is captured. Luckily, Blue Demon is able to contact Santo, who arrives just in time. After a huge brawl, the two wrestlers knock the two monsters into a pit full of spikes, destroying them.

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