Scream of the Bikini ("original" title Asesinas en Vespa) is a 2009 American comedy movie starring Kelsey Weedon and Rebecca Larson as international supermodels who moonlight as secret agents. It is a spoof of low-budget Eurospy movies from the 1960s. As part of the parody, it is presented as a recently-rediscovered "lost masterpiece" by "acclaimed South American director Fernando Fernandez," complete with scratches, washed-out color, missing scenes, bad voiceover dubbing, and a stilted English translation. The film also stars Darrett Sanders, Kimberly Atkinson, and Bryan Krasner.

Plot SummaryEdit

In the 1960s, jet-setting supermodels Bridget (Weedon) and Sophia (Larson) lead a double life as bounty hunters for hire. After stopping a terrorist from blowing up a plane, they retrieve what they think is a cigarette case. Later, they discover that the case contains a powerful ("up to one kilobyte") microchip.

Meanwhile, in their day job, the women are given necklaces to wear as part of a new fashion line. The necklaces are actually mind control devices, and the modeling campaign is designed to encourage women around the world to buy the necklaces so that they can be turned into mindless sleeper agents. To test the device, the Chair Man (Krasner) and his henchwoman Eva (Atkinson) try to make Sophia kill Bridget. They are saved by rival secret agent Humbert (Sanders), who breaks the spell by removing the necklace.

A secretive cult tells the women that the Chair Man is planning something big involving the microchip, but when they try to warn Humbert, he double-crosses them and takes them to the Chair Man's lair. There, the Chair Man double-crosses Humbert and takes the microchip for use in his new mind-control machine. Using the machine, he activates sleeper agents from around the world to kill important world leaders in advance of an upcoming peace conference. With Humbert's help, Bridget and Sophia must defeat the Chair Man and his minions and stop the assassins.

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