Shazam Cartoon 1981

Shazam! was a 1981-1982 American animated television series that ran in conjunction with Hero High (the combined program was known as The Kid Super Power Hour) for one season. It follows the adventure of Billy Batson, a young boy who can become the adult superhero Captain Marvel by speaking the magic word "Shazam!" It was based on the Fawcett Comics (and later, DC Comics) character Captain Marvel created by C.C. Beck and Bill Parker.

Black Adam's Return (Season 1, Episode 5)Edit

The evil Black Adam (Lou Scheimer), who has the same powers as Captain Marvel, returns to Earth with the intent of resurrecting his partner Princess Jemia from Egyptian exhibit at the local museum. Captain Marvel (Burr Middleton) intervenes, with the help of Mary Marvel (Dawn Jeffory) and Captain Marvel Junior (Barry Gordon). During the struggle, Princess Jemia is destroyed. A furious Black Adam uses his powers to freeze the Marvels, and hypnotizes Mary Marvel into becoming his new queen.

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