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she hulk transformed into glamazonia

She-Hulk is a Marvel Superheroine, the cousin of the Incredible Hulk.

The Sensational She-Hulk #1Edit

SHE HULK is working out at a circus when she is hypnotised by the RINGMASTER and HIS CIRCUS OF CRIME who is being paid three million dollars to bring her in.They force her to recite her orgins about how she became SHE HULK and they decide to test her as they make her up as GLAMAZONIA the strongest woman in the world.That evening they hypnotise the crowd and take them for everything they got but unknown to them a joker isin the deck as a gorilla grabs RINGMASTERS hat and snaps her out of her trance and a very angry SHE HULK smashes the circus and hauls them off to jail.

v.3, #5: "The Big Picture, Part One"Edit

A shrunken Mandrill climbs into a female guard's nose in order to take control of her and facilitate an escape attempt.