Sleep Attack is a 2012 American short film written and directed by Ben Fast and funded through the fundraising website Kickstarter. It is about an office worker (Josh Zuckerman) who accidentally discovers that his coworkers have been brainwashed into working a second late-night shift. The movie costarred Joel Spence and Molly Ephraim.

Plot SummaryEdit

Lowly accountant Josh (Zuckerman) is shocked when his new boss Rush (Spence) fires him, and even more shocked when he learns that all of his coworkers hate him and volunteered him to be the traditional "guy the new boss fires." To get revenge, Josh sneaks back into work that night to trash the office. He is interrupted by Claire (Ephraim), who stumbles to her desk in a trance and makes a business call to China. Soon all of the other workers arrive, also in a trance, and begin working.

Rush also arrives and explains that the coffee that everyone (except Josh) has been drinking has been spiked with a drug that allows him to control their minds, allowing him to double their productivity without their knowledge. He orders the drones to kill Josh.

Josh tries to escape but is captured and brought to Rush, who offers him his old job back (at half salary) if he drinks the coffee and becomes a drone. Instead, Josh destroys the smartphone controlling the drones and blackmails Rush into giving him a promotion.

The next day, a newly-promoted Josh gloats in front of his coworkers before making sure that a new hire has a cup of the office coffee.

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