Science fiction series airing in 1975-76 produced by GERRY AND SYLVIA ANDERSON [THUNDERBIRDS-UFO] starring MARTIN LANDAU BARBARA BAIN AND BARRY MORSE set in the year 1999 as the moon is blown out of orbit by an accidental explosion of nuclear and the 311 men and women of MOONBASE ALPHA try to survive many dangers while trying to find a new home to settle on.

Ring around the Moon,episode 1, season 4 Edit

an alien object takes control of a technician who goes to the computer and tries to relay information to the alien the main mission staff tries to stop him but is tossed around like rag dolls then before he can break KOENIGS [LANDAU] neck he dies his brain has literally melted in his head as the ALPHANS hear a voice claiming they are from the planet TRITON placing a force field around the moon .KOENIG orders ALAN CARTER [NICK TATE] to take an EAGLE to investigate but the attempt fails and it crashes on the lunar surface. KOENIG dispatches a rescue team but the aliens kidnap DR RUSSELL [BAIN] and implant a device in her head and return her where she under the control of the aliens tries to relay information to the computer but the crew manage to drug her. Meanwhile PROFFERSOR BERGMANN[MORSE] devises a shield to allow them to land on the probe where KOENIG faces the aliens who want to destroy earth thinking they are a threat and using RUSSELL KOENIG shows the aliens their world was destroyed when their sun went nova the TRITONIAN probe malfunctions releasing RUSSELL and destroying itself as KOENIG and crew escapes safely.

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