Special Unit 2 was a 2001-2002 American television series about two Chicago police officers (Michael Landas, Alexondra Lee) who join a top-secret monster-hunting division of the police department. The series costarred Richard Gant and Danny Woodburn.

The Grain (Season 2, Episode 1)Edit

Nick (Landas) and Kate (Lee) investigate a series of spree crimes committed by people with no prior criminal history. They trace the cause to a Sandman, a creature that can possess people while they sleep. The manage to trap the creature inside a downtown bank, but the Sandman possesses Kate when she briefly nods off. When the possessed Kate takes a restaurant full of people hostage, Nick must find a way to trap the Sandman and save his partner without getting anyone killed.

The Love (Season 2, Episode 11)Edit

A Cupid-like creature, who emits a love-causing scent whenever he is frightened, causes havoc in Chicago when he heads there to hide out from another monster that wants to kill him.

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