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Spiderman and His Amazing Friends was a 1981-1983 animated American television series that featured the crime-fighting adventures of the Marvel Comics superhero Spiderman/Peter Parker (voice of Dan Gilvezan). Joining Spiderman were his two "Amazing Friends": Iceman/Bobby Drake (voice of Frank Welker), another Marvel Comics character, and Firestar/Angelica Jones (voice of Kathy Garver), a character created for the series who would eventually appear in various Marvel publications as well.

The Bride of Dracula! (Season 3, Episode 2)Edit

At a school dance, Peter and Bobby compete for Angelica's attention, but she is captivated by a mysterious stranger. The stranger takes Angelica outside and reveals that he is Dracula. He hypnotizes Angelica into returning with him to Transylvania to be his bride. Peter and Bobby transform into Spiderman and Iceman and give chase, but Dracula's private jet manages to slip away.

Dracula takes Angelica to his castle and places her in a coffin to rest, but the cold earth breaks her trance. She transforms into Firestar and attacks Dracula, who transforms into a bat and hypnotizes her. When Spiderman and Iceman finally arrive at the castle, Dracula orders his hypnotized bride to destroy them. The boys are able to break the spell by reminding Angelica of her life back home and the things and people she holds dear. Once freed, the three heroes must face off against Dracula and his other minions- Frankenstein's Monster and the Wolfman.

Season 3 episode 18 "To train a Superhero" Edit

All the city gets hypnotized by the arcades of a popular videogame.