Stitchers is a 2015 - present American sci-fi/detective series that airs on the Freeform (formerly ABC Family) cable network. It stars Emma Ishta as Kristen Clark, a young woman who volunteers to have herself connected ("stitched") to the recently-deceased so that she can access their last memories and learn more about the circumstances behind their deaths. The series costars Kyle Harris, Alison Scagliotti, and Salli Richardson-Whitfield.

Midnight Stitcher (Season 2, Episode 5)Edit

Sandy (Vanessa Garcia), a young woman, falls to her death from a balcony. On her body is found a note that reads "This is his fault. K.C." Kristen wonders if the note has something to do with her mysterious father and connects herself to Sandy. This leads the team to Sandy's boyfriend Ben (Guy Wilson), who tells them that before her death Sandy had gotten involved with a woman name Kim Charles (Kate Boyer) and her meditation music. The music triggers Ben and causes him to try to throw himself off the roof.

Kristen reconnects with Sandy's body and learns that Sandy was being programmed by Kim to murder movie director Roman Bain (Michael Graziadei), who stole Kim's idea for a movie about brainwashed assassins. Unfortunately, the connection causes Kristen's mind to be "poisoned" by Sandy's memories, and when the team plays the meditation music, Kristen goes into a trance, steals a gun, and heads off to kill Bain.

The team arrives at the studio before Kristen, and Cameron (Harris) gets in between Bain and Kristen so that he can snap her out of her trance. After he makes a heartfelt speech, she breaks free of her programming and comes to her senses- just in time to shoot Kim, who has disguised herself as a movie extra and pulls a gun on Bain.

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