Street Fighter Legends: Cammy is a 2016 comic book published by Udon Entertainment, based on characters originally created by Capcom for the Street Fighter video game series. It is one of a series of titles by Udon that focus on individual characters from the Street Fighter universe. Street Fighter Legends: Cammy revolves around Cammy White, a former brainwashed servant of the evil M. Bison, as she leads a new special-ops team known as Delta Blue.

Issue 1Edit

Cammy and Dela Blue thwart a terrorist attack on the British Museum, but during the battle her partner Juni suddenly falls into a blank trance state.

Issue 2Edit

Cammy follows Juni into an unexpected street fight that includes Decapre, a fellow servant of M. Bison. Juni flees the battle to report to her rendezvous point.

Issue 3Edit

Cammy does a mind-meld of sorts with Decapre in an attempt to locate Juni. Instead, her old programming is reactivated and she turns against Delta Blue.