Super Force was a 1990-1992 syndicated American television series about astronaut Zach Stone (Ken Olandt) who becomes a super-powered crime fighter with the help of a futuristic combat suit, weapons, and motorcycle design by his scientist friend F.X. Spinner (Larry Scott).


Come Under the Way (Season 1, Episodes 20-21)Edit

Zach investigates a cult whose leader is using hypnosis and brainwashing on his followers. He discovers that one of the cult's recruits is his old girlfriend Crystal (Ginger Lynn Allen).

Instant Karma (Season 2, Episode 5)Edit

Zach's ex-girlfreind Crystal becomes a psychic medium and makes a name for herself by channeling an ancient deity. Her manager uses hypnosis to place her into a trance under the guise of helping her to channel the deity, but Zach discovers that he is also using it to control and manipulate her.

Made For Each Other (Season 2, Episodes 10-11)Edit

A college professor uses a "sleep study" as a front for a plot to implant mind-control chips in young college coeds. She then programs the women to marry rich men, murder them in 'accidents,' and give her their inherited wealth.

Monkey's Breath (Season 2, Episode 18) Edit

An evil witch collects the life force of innocent people to sustain herself and her demon lover (represented by a monkey's head). She hypnotizes a young woman at a bar and takes the entranced girl back to her lair to be sacrificed. Zach and his partner Zander (Musetta Vander) investigate the woman's death, unaware that their new supervisor is the witch. Realizing that the psychic Zander's life force is far more powerful than average, the witch hypnotizes her and leads her back to the lair to be sacrificed.


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