Syber Title

Superhuman Samauri Syber-Squad was a 1994-1995 American syndicated television series. It was based on the Japanese Denkou Choujin Gridman and incorporated footage from that series into the show. The plot revolves around teenager Sam Collins (Matthew Lawrence), who can transform into the superhero Servo and enter the digital world to fight monster-like computer viruses.

Que Sera Servo (Episode 10) Edit

Malcom sends his newest virus monster into the gangs new horoscope toy causing everyone who uses it to change into their opposite personality. Sam: a coward, Tanker: nerdy, Sydney: a bully, Amp: smart, and Jennifer: evil.

Little Ditch, Big Glitch (Episode 39) Edit

Sam and the gang cut class for band practice. Sam's rival Malcolm (Glen Beaudin) creates a computer virus, sends it into the school VCR system, and brainwashes everyone who was supposed to be watching an educational video to do what Kilokahn (Tim Curry) orders, via a television screen in the cafeteria.

Beep My, Beep My Baby (Episode 43)Edit

Sam's girlfriend Jennifer (Jayme Betcher) receives a pager as a prize. Malcolm creates a computer virus and sends it to the pager. The virus allows Malcolm to hypnotize Jennifer. He orders her to break up with Sam and to become his girlfriend instead.