Svengali is a 1983 adaptation of of George du Maurier's 1895 novel Trilby. In the novel, Svengali transforms Trilby into a great singer by using hypnosis. Unable to perform without Svengali's help, Trilby becomes entranced. The novel and it's adaptations is less a discussion of the relationship between Svengali and Trilby than an evocation of "Bohemian" Paris during the 1850s.

In this adaptation, Peter O'Toole play Svengali in a 1983 and co-stars Jodie Foster. The names of the characters were changed: O'Toole's character is named "Anton Bosnyak", but is clearly based on Svengali.

Gallery Edit

In the opening scene, Anton hypnotizes Trilby to help her with her smoking addiction.

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