T.U.F.F. Puppy is a 2010 animated series made for Nickelodeon and created by Butch Hartman. This is third cartoon under that title, with the first two being Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom. The show is centered around  dim-witted but determined dog named Dudley Puppy who works as a spy for an organization called T.U.F.F. (short for Turbo Undercover Fighting Force). His partner is a cat named Kitty Katswell. Other helpers are The Chief and Keswick. The series takes place in a fictional city called Petropolis, which is populated by anthropomorphic animals. 

Dog Daze (Season 1, Episode 11) Edit

Snaptrap is convinced that he will never be able to reach his goal of supremacy over Petropolis as long as Dudley works for T.U.F.F. Snaptrap hatches a plan— hypnotize Dudley to act so crazy, that Chief will be forced to fire him.

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