The Adventures of Superman was a 1952-1958 American television series about Superman, a heroic superhero who fights crime while also maintaining a secret idetity as a mild-mannered reporter for a metropolitan newspaper. The series starred George Reeves as Superman, Noel Neill as Lois Lane, Jack Larson as Jimmy Olsen, and John Hamilton as Perry White.

The Secret of Superman (Season 1, Episode 10)Edit

Dr. Ort (Peter Brocco) believes that someone at The Daily Planet knows the truth about Superman's secret identity, so he uses a hypnotic trance-inducing truth serum on the newspaper's staff in an attempt to find out who Superman really is. 

The Magic Secret (Season 6, Episode 2)Edit

A mob kingpin wants to get rid of superman so he contacts a scientist who has a gun that collects kryptonite particles.They lure Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane who wants to learn the art of levitation and place them in a pit.They lure Superman and use the gun on him weakening him and then use the walls to try to crush but the man of steel uses hyponotism to levitate Lois jamming the wall and Jimmy climbs out and sabotages the gun causing it to backfire blowing up the lab and the crooks surrender.Lois  is brought out of her trance and Superman tells her to climb out as a lesson to her getting too curious.

PERRY gets a rise out of LOIS

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SUPERMAN tells JIMMY to climb a wall while LOIS is holding the wall off

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