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spy show from 1965-70 starring ROBERT CONRAD AND ROSS MARTIN as secret service agents who protect the country from nefarious villains using their fists and gadgets to save the day.


a man named TORRES[JOHN DEHNER] kills several men-the reason? he was left for dead by his comrades in the civil war and he wants revenge as he had his body rebuilt ala the bionic man.WEST and GORDON are called into action but there is a complication as the daughter of one the victims NINA GILBERT[SUE ANE LANGDON] also wants to find out and she goes to TORRES who promptly hypnotizes her turning her into a giggling salon girl.WEST AND GORDON take him on as TORRES plans to kill his commanding officer GENERAL GRANT who is visiting MEXICO as president but WEST stops him defeating him by dropping him into a pool of water where the weight of the metal attached to his body sends him to the bottom-WEST AND GORDON then dehypnotize NINA and she goes bananas thinking she has been taking advantage of.

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