Target for Killing (also known as Das Geheimnis der glen Mönche and The Secret of the Yellow Monks) is a 1966 Italian-West German spy movie starring Stewart Granger as secret agent James Vine, who protects a young woman (Karin Dor) from assassins while he tracks down a crime boss known as The Giant (Curd Jurgens).

Plot SummaryEdit

On a small plane, the flight crew tries to murder passenger Sandra Perkins (Dor), first by poisoning her drink and then, when that fails, by bailing out of the plane and leaving it to crash. She is saved by James Vine, an American "FBI Special Agent" who is on his way to Montenegro to arrest The Giant, a notorious European crime boss. Vine discovers that The Giant's organization has been hired to kill Sandra, and he protects her from various assassination attempts.

The Giant begins to question why someone would want such an unremarkable woman dead, so he kidnaps her father Henry (Adolfo Celi), who reveals that Sandra will soon inherit millions of dollars. The Giant decides to take the money for himself, so he kills Henry, kidnps Sandra, and subjects her to brainwashing so that she will sign over all of the money to him. Vine arrives to save the day.

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