Taste the Blood of Dracula is a 1970 British horror movie starring Christopher Lee as the titular Count Dracula. It was the fourth collaboration between Lee (playing Dracula) and Hammer Film Productions.

Plot SummaryEdit

Three seemingly-upstanding British gentlemen secretly live a life of hedonism in brothels and taverns. One evening they meet Courtley, a young occultist, who hopes to resurrect Count Dracula by drinking a combination of his own blood and the powdered remains of Dracula's blood. The men agree to participate in the ritual but when Courtley drinks the blood and begins convulsing, they beat him to death and flee. Courltey's corpse transforms into Dracula, who swears revenge on the men for killing his servant.

Dracula decides to use the men's own children to destroy them. He hypnotizes Alice (Linda Hayden) into killing her father with a shovel. The hypnotized Alice then lures Lucy (Ilsa Blair) to a ruined church where Dracula hypnotizes and bites her. Alice and the vampire Lucy kill Lucy's father. Lucy turns Jeremy (Marvin Jarvis) into a vampire, and he stabs his father to death. Revenge complete, Dracula leaves Jeremy behind to be arrested by police and drains Lucy completely. Alice begs Dracula to turn her into a vampire, but the sunrise chases the Count back to his coffin.

Lucy's brother Paul (Anthony Corlan) learns about Dracula from the notes left behind by Jeremy's father. He finds the old church and restores the ruined alter before facing off against Dracula and Alice. Alice helps Dracula only to have him coldly reject her. This is enough to break his hypnotic hold over her and she helps Paul to trap Dracula. The Count is overwhelmed by the power of the re-sanctified church and crumbles back into dust.

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