Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic was a 1995-1996 American animated series that followed the adventures of the powerful magician Princess Tenko and her friends. The series was inspired in part by the real-life Japanese magician Princess Tenko, who would appear in a live-action segment at the conclusion of each episode in which she would perform an illusion or teach a simple magic trick.

The Stone of Destiny (Season 1, Episode 5)Edit

Evil twins Jana and Jason pull Tenko's friend Ali into an alley and hypnotize her into revealing the discovery of a new Starfire Gem in Egypt.

The Big Story (Season 1, Episode 8)Edit

Tenko's friend Bolt begins dating reporter Stacy Roberts. Evil twins Jana and Jason ambush Stacy and hypnotize her into helping them trap Bolt and stealing his magic Starfire Gem.

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