The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is an American television series, based on Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. The series uses the same main characters as the film and follows the life of Jimmy Neutron and his best friends Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez.

Trident Kids Commercial: Edit

During the Start of a the Jimmy Neutron show trident gum used the character and he's iconic gadget the Hypno-beam to appeal to kids. The commercial begins with a young boy who finds that he has finished his gum Jimmy Neutron gives him the Hypno-Ray telling him with it "reprogramming people is a snap" he then goes into the kitchen where his mom is taking groceries out of a bag implying she has just finished shopping he tells her if should would like going shopping as she answers she just went shopping is he uses the ray putting her into hypnosis mid sentence as she complies by responding "Okay dear" with red swirls in her eyes ,the series iconic eye effect for the hypnotized, the next scene is one of her and her son at a grocery store her still under hypnosis buying a shopping cart full of Trident Kids Gum.

Hypno-Birthday To You (Season 1, Episode 9)Edit

Jimmy uses his Hypno-beam to hypnotize his parents into thinking it is his birthday the next day, due to wanting a newer chemistry kit as his old one is outdated. Something then goes wrong, and he tricked his parents into thinking his birthday is every day.

Nightmare in Retroville (Season 2, Episode 1)Edit

Carl finds Cindy, hypnotizes her, and bites her. Jimmy presents his Neutronic monster maker. Carl chooses to be a vampire, and Sheen chooses to be a werewolf. Jimmy turns them into monsters and they go to trick or treat.

Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion (Season 2, Episode 23)Edit

Jimmy thinks it's cool when he's recruited by a top-secret government agency to become a spy, but what's even more thrilling is joining forces with his action-hero movie idol Jet Fusion in an effort to save the world from a villainous Finbarr Calamitous.

My Big Fat Spy Wedding (Season 3, Episode 59)Edit

Beautiful Gorgeous hypnotizes Jet Fusion so that he hurts Jimmy at their wedding! When Jimmy tries to stop Beautiful Gorgeous, she hypnotizes him too! But his friends already know what Gorgeous is up to and plan to stop the wedding.  

One of Us (Season 3, Episode 59)Edit

Grandma Taters tries to make the citizens of Retroville all turn into happy zombies.

The Trouble with Clones (Season 3, Episode 9)Edit

The evil Jimmy clone tries to destroy earth with the cloned earth that evil Jimmy created.

The Jimmy Timmy Power HourEdit

In the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, Judy Neutron goes outside to scold Timmy for making a mess. Mistaking Timmy for Jimmy, she attempts to ground him for talking back to her. Sheen suggests that Timmy uses the Hypno-beam to get her off his back causing Timmy ignore her. Judy yells "DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME? I SAID YOU'RE--" and is hypnotized by Timmy before she can finish. Timmy expresses amusement over being able to easily mind control Judy through the Hypno-beam's hypnosis, and tells her to think she is "Mighty Mom". The freshly hypnotized Judy immediately accepts the hypnotic suggestion and begins spinning around, transforming into Mighty Mom, grime cleaning hero of domestic order. She quickly sticks out her hands and "flies" into the house. The hypnotized Judy is next seen attacking dust bunnies under the couch. When Hugh walks over, she recognizes him as Lint Boy, her sidekick. Later, she is seen "flying" around the backyard, heading towards the "Mom-lair". The next time Judy is seen, she is heroically standing on a table in the living room, still obviously under Timmy's mind control. She hypnotically recognizes one of Hugh's ducks as Dr. Mildew, and obliviously sprays it down with cleaner fluid. In a later scene, Judy appears once again, clearly still very deeply hypnotized. She is weakened by rotten leftovers in the fridge, stating they are her one weakness. Hugh closes the fridge, and she immediately recovers, resuming her hypnotically induced alter ego and "flying" off-screen. It is unknown what happens afterwards, as Judy is never seen snapping out of her trance.