The Avengers is a long-running comic series published by Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963 as a reaction to the popular Justice League of America, the series' lasting popularity and rotating roster has led to it becoming an important fixture in the Marvel universe.

Avengers Annual #8Edit

Hank Pym aka yellow jacket is finishing up a birthday gift when his wife JAN aka the wasp comes in.Curious she takes a peek and is possessed by the gift the power prism once belonging to DOCTOR SPECTRUM.The Wasp quickly disables IRON MAN QUICKSILVER AND WONDER MAN but is confronted by the remaining avengers who use ultraviolet light to render her unconscious but the prism is grafted to her they cannot remove it so they call on the original DOCTOR SPECTRUM but he has other plans as he attacks the avengers but the prism has other plans as it attaches itself to the most powerful avenger thor.The avengers manage to separate thor from his hammer and when it changes back to a walking stick the prism is apparently destroyed as thor explains that it was a safety device to keep a thunder god from going beserk as the wasp is given her party.

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