Champions Title
The Champions was a 1968-1969 British television series about three secret agents who are given superpowers by a secret Himalayan civilization. The series starred Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo, and William Gaunt.

Shadow of the Panther (Season 1, Episode 16) Edit

Sharron (Bastedo) travels to Haiti where an associate has turned up dead- apparently frightened to death. Her investigation takes her to a local resort that is popular with foreign VIPs. Journalist David Crayley (Donald Sutherland) tells Sharron that some of the VIPs have been acting very strangely. Later, Sharron runs until Crayley only to discover that he is acting and talking like a mindless zombie. 

Sharron attends the resort's magic show, where Dumballa the Magician performs some tricks. Many of the VIPs in the room follow Dumballa after the show, and when Sharron tries to follow them, she is captured by the sleazy hotel director Riley (Tony Wall)

Craig (Damon) and Richard (Gaunt) arrive at the hotel only to find that Sharron is now a mindless zombie as well. While investigating, they discover a secret room where the VIPs and Sharron and being brainwashed by Dumballa. When they try to telepathically connect with her, she reports their presence to Dumballa. Later, Sharron meets up with Craig and Richard and reveals that she is only pretending to be a zombie.

That night, Dumballa summons the VIPs and orders them to kill Craig and Richard. Sharron sneaks back to the brainwashing room but is caught by Dumballa, who reveals himself to be Crayley. He tries to poison her with the same fear gas he used to murder her associate, but her powers make her immune to the gas and she kills him instead. She then breaks the brainwashing equipment just in time to save Craig and Richard from being hacked to death by the VIPs.

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