The Fuller Report (aka Rapporto Fuller, base Stoccolma) is a 1968 Italian-French movie about an American race car driver (Ken Clark) who finds himself embroiled in a complex espionage plot while on a visit to Sweden. The film costars Beba Loncar and Lincoln Tate. It was the last in a series of 1960s Italian "Eurospy" films starring Clark.

Plot SummaryEdit

Dick Worth (Clark) is an American race car driver who is sent to Sweden on a marketing tour. When he arrives in Stockholm he meets Svetlana Golyadkin (Loncar), a Russian ballerina who has become the talk of the town after deciding to defect to the west. Meanwhile, the talk of the local spy community centers around a document known as The Fuller Report, which describes the details of a mysterious plot that is supposed to create international chaos. Worth is initially mistaken for a spy who knows something about the Report. When it becomes obvious that he's not a secret agent, Pearson (Tate) presses him into service as one anyway. A portion of the Report is discovered; it seems to indicate that Svetlana will be assassinated.

Svetlana is kidnapped. Worth discovers the other half of the Report. It states that Svetlana will be the assassin, not the victim. The target is the American President, part of a plot to overthrow the US government and pin the blame on the Soviet Union. Worth races to the scene in his sports car while a hypnotized Svetlana tries to shoot the President. Worth and Pearson manage to stop her, but she is shot to death by the other conspirators.

In a twist ending, Worth discovers that Svetlana is still alive after all. Pearson explains that another woman was brainwashed to kill the President and then given plastic surgery to make her look like the Russian, with the intention of turning over the real Svetlana to the police to take the blame for the crime. Worth and Svetlana are reunited and live happily ever after.

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