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The Legion of Super-Heroes is a long-running DC comics superteam from the distant future. While originally linked to Superboy, and later, Supergirl, the team eventually grew into its own presence and combats injustice in the 31st century.

The Big Blow-Up of 2984!Edit

BRAINIAC 5 is trying to cure DANIELLE FOCCART of a neurological disease at legion hq when disaster strikes-in attempting to cure her he inadverntly releases COMPUTO a computer program with evil intent and its takes over her body.BRAINIAC 5 and the legion must battle COMPUTO and stop it soon as the body its inhabiating is overloading from the stress and will kill her.JACQUES FOCCART her brother saves the day by following BRAINACS instructions by swallowing an invisiblty formula and becoming the second invisible kid and manages to sedate her and they place her in stasis.BRAINIAC 5 works to cure her finally managing to do so and change COMPUTOs program erasing its evil programming

Legion of Super-Heroes AnnualEdit

This story spans several issues[annual 1-issues 290 309 310 and 312.

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