The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra is a 2001 American movie that parodies the low-budget horror and science-fiction movies of the 1950s. It starred Larry Blamire, Jennifer Blaire, and Fay Masterson.

Plot SummaryEdit

Scientist Paul (Blamire) and his wife Betty (Masterson) are searching for a meteorite that contains the rare element atmospherium. Rival scientist Roger (Brian Howe) is also searching for the meteor, hoping to use it to bring the legendary Lost Skeleton of Cadavda back to life. Meanwhile, two space aliens (Andrew Parks, Susan McConnell) crash-land nearby; it turns out that they also need the atmospherium to repair their ship.

Paul and Betty find the meteor and bring it back to their cabin. The aliens, Kro-Bar and Lattice, disguise themselves as humans and pretend to be the cabin's owners to get inside. Roger uses the aliens' ray gun to create a "date" named Animala (Blaire) and, posing as stranded tourists, get themselves invited inside as well. After dinner, both the skeleton and the aliens try to use mind control on Animala and Betty to get them to retrieve the meteor, but they both fail. Later, Animala uses a mesmerizing dance to entrance Paul and steal the meteor.

Roger and Animala bring the Skeleton "fully back to life." The Skeleton plans to make Lattice his bride and to kill Kro-Bar, while Paul and Betty plot to use the aliens' pet mutant (Darrin Reed) to save them.

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