Mentalist Poster

The Mentalist was a 2008-2015 American television series about a former con artist and fradulent "psychic medium" named Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) who uses the skills he learned during his criminal career to help the California Bureau of Investigation track down criminals- including the man who murdered Jane's wife and son. The series also starred Robin Tunney and Tim Kang.

Russet Potatoes (Season 1, Episode 18)Edit

Jane and the CBI team try to track down a hypnotist who is making other people commit crimes for him.

Red Badge (Season 2, Episode 3)Edit

When convicted criminal Bill McTeer (Edward Conna) turns up dead, all signs point to Agent Lisbon (Tunney) as the suspect, including incriminating fingerprints. She can't remember anything about the night of the murder and wonders if she might be the killer. Jane hypnotizes her to recall some memories.

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