The New Adventures of Robin Hood was a 1997-1999 French/American television series about the heroic outlaw Robin Hood and his band of "Merry Men." It was based on the British folk tales of Robin Hood, although the characters in the series battled not only the Sheriff of Nottingham but also wizards, demons, monsters, and other magical creatures. It starred Matthew Poretta (and later John Bradley) as Robin Hood, Anna Galvin (and later Barbara Griffin) as Maid Marion, and Martin Ellis as Friar Tuck.

Marion to the Rescue (Season 1, Episode 6)Edit

A noblwoman (Kate O'Mara) uses a magical pendant to enslave a young woman (Lucy Speed). It's up to Marion (Galvin) to save the day.

The Devil's Bride (Season 2, Episode 3) Edit

Marion (Griffin) is kidnapped by Groliet (Robert Addie), a cult leader who wishes to marry her off to Bailor, the evil god he worships. To gain her compliance, he uses a magical flower to put her into a hypnotic trance. He then takes to a room full of other slave women, who prepare her for the ceremony. Groliet transforms into Bailor and prepares to marry Marion while Robin searches for a unicorn horn, the one thing that can defeat the god.

The Hanged Man (Season 4, Episode 10)Edit

Marion, Little John, and Friar Tuck are captured by a Transylvanian mad scientist and strapped into his brainwashing machine. Two of them are strong enough to resist the programming, but the third is turned into a sleeper assassin, triggered by the sight of a tarot card to kill Robin. (The assassin turns out to be Friar Tuck)