The Outer Limits was a 1995-2002 Canadian/American television series. Like the 1963-1965 American television series of the same name, it was a horror/science fiction anthology series that featured a different story and different characters every week, although characters and storylines were sometimes re-visited in later episodes.

Caught in the Act (Season 1, Episode 17) Edit

Hannah (Alyssa MIlano), a chaste college student, is possessed by an alien entity that makes her crave sex. Unfortunately, the entity kills anyone that Hannah has sex with by absorbing the person's body into Hannah's. When men start disappearing, the police suspect Hannah's boyfriend Jay (Jason London) until they catch Hannah in the act of devouring a store clerk. It's up to Jay and a college professor (Saul Rubinek) to save Hannah and prove that love is the most powerful force of all.

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