The Pumaman (original title: L'uomo Puma) is a 1980 Italian science fiction/fantasy movie about a man (Walter George Alton) who discovers that he has the powers of an ancient Aztec superhero. With the help of an Aztec priest (Miguel Angel Fuentes), he must stop an evil scientist (Donald Pleasance) from using a hypnotic golden mask to rule the world.

Plot SummaryEdit

A narrator explains that in ancient times, aliens visited Earth and gave superpowers to a long line of Aztec heroes. In the present day, the evil Kobras (Pleasance) has obtained a large golden mask that is reputed to be of alien origin. When his assistant Jane (Sydne Rome) discovers the truth about the mask, he uses it to hypnotize her and put her under his control.

Both Kobras and the Aztec priest named Vadinho (Fuentes) search for the version of the legendary "Puma Man" superhero. This leads to a number of innocent men being tossed out of windows, as the only the true Puma Man can survive such a fall. Luckily, Vadinho manages to locate the real Puma Man first- a mild-mannered paleontologist named Tony Farms (Alton). Vadinho trains the clumsy Tony while Korbras lures a number of world officials to his estate, where he uses the mask to place them under his control.

Kobras brainwashes Jane into killing Tony, but she has fallen in love with him and cannot shoot him. Kobras captures Tony and Vadinho and tries to use the mask on the priest, but he resists and causes an explosion that frees everyone from Kobras' control. Kobras attempts to flee by helicopter but Tony, finally used to his powers, manages to destroy it. He and Jane make plans to get married while Vadinho brings the mask back to the Andes where it belongs.