Realghostbusters title

The Real Ghostbusters (AKA Slimer! And The Real Ghostbusters) was a 1986-1991 American animated series about four paranormal researchers known as The Ghostbusters, who battle ghosts, demons, and other otherworldy creatures. It was a spinoff of the popular 1984 live-action movie Ghostbusters

The Cabinet of Calamari (Season 2, Episode 50)Edit

Calamari, an evil magician, hypnotizes his assistant into pushing Peter (voice of Lorenzo Music) into a magical cabinet that sends him into another dimension.

Short Stuff (Season 3, Episode 6)Edit

The evil Ghostmaster sends his best bounty hunters after the Ghostbusters. One tries to infiltrate the Ghostbuster's headquarters.  A security system has been installed so Janine can monitor who comes in.  But the entity uses Janine to its advantage, hypnotizing her into unlocking the door to the firehouse.

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