The Transformers: Headmasters is a four-issue miniseries comic published in 1987 by Marvel Comics. It tells the story of a group of Autobots who leave their home planet of Cybertron and travel to the planet Nebulos, where they battle a group of Decepticons in a war that soon engulfs the native population of the planet. The series was based on the Transformers series of toys created by Hasbro in 1984, and helped to introduce the Headmaster and Targetmaster lines of toys that were first sold by the company in 1987.

Issue 3: Love and Steel! Edit

Scorponok and his Decepticons capture a group of Nebulans with the intent of torturing and experimenting on them before shooting them into space. Their leader, Lord Zarek, pledges loyalty to the Decepticons in exchange for their freedom. Lord Zarek sends a message to the ruling Nebulan Council of Peers that he is in need of rescue, but when the Autobots and the Council arrive to help, Zarek and the Decepticons ambush them. During the battle, Mindwipe hypnotizes Zarek's daughter Llyra into leading the Council into a trap. The Autobots are forced to quit the battle in order to save Llyra and the Council. 

After her rescue, Llyra doesn't remember being hypnotized, and assumes that she was rescued by Zarek after being placed in danger by the Autobots.