Young person's guide

The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star is a British comedy series, which aired on Channel 4 in 1998. It was a six-part satirical take on the music industry, written by Skins creator Bryan Elsley. The plot centred on a young Glaswegian band – Jocks Wa Hey – as they struggle to find success.

The five piece band consisted of: the charismatic Jez MacAllister (Ciarán McMenamin) on vocals – our guide through the painful process of becoming a rock'n'roll star; his best pal, bass player "Psycho" (Duncan Marwick), a disorganised student who is the complete opposite of his nickname; drummer Wullie MacBoyne (Stephen McCole), a mean looking psychopath, known as 'Bigot' to his mates; the insatiable and hard-hitting Joe Nardone (Nicola Stapleton) on lead guitar, with more 'balls' and arrogance than the rest of the band put together; and finally Jez's cool-headed welfare officer and electric keyboards wizard, Fiona Johnstone (aka MC Fiona; Simone Lahbib).

Shifting the Units (Episode 6) Edit

Voluptua hypnotize Psycho by using a crystal, she makes him believe that he didn't lose his virginity yet.

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