ThunderCats poster
ThunderCats was a 1985-1989 American-Japanese animated series about a small band of catlike aliens who protect the planet of Third Earth from their mutant enemies and from the evil sorceror Mumm-Ra, who hopes to steal the source of their power so that he can rule the Universe. 

Dimension Doom (Season 1, Episode 33)Edit

Mumm-Ra steals a mind-controlling helmet from the Egyptian sorceror Wizz-Ra and uses it to take control of the ThunderCats.

The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin (Season 1, Episode 36) Edit

Charr-Nin, disguised as a humble Bolkin, hypnotizes the Thunderkittens in order to obtain a golden harp.

Mumm-Rana (Season 1, Episode 63)Edit

When Mumm-Ra and the Mutants discover a white pyramid that is home to the sorceress Mumm-Rana, Mumm-Ra hypnotizes her into using her powers to attack the ThunderCats. 

Ravage Island (Season 2, Episode 16)Edit

Mumm-Ra lures the ThunderCats to an island and enslaves them with its mesmerizing beacon..

Bracelet of Power (Season 3, Episode 15)Edit

Snarf discovers that an ancient bracelt has the power to control the minds of the ThunderCats. Things get complicated when Mumm-Ra steas the bracelet for his own evil purposes.

Wild Workout (Season 3, Episode 16)Edit

The Lunataks create a system to power their Sky Tomb spaceship using exercise treadmills, but lack the stamina and willpower to actually run on them. Instead, they kidnap and mind control Cheetara, the fastest of the ThunderCats, into doing the hard work for them.


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