Trance is a 2001 TV movie written and directed by Joe Ahearne, starring Susannah Harker and John Light. It was remade for theatrical release in 2013 as Trance (2013).

A criminal gang carries out an art theft. However, Tony (John Light), the inside man for the job, suffers an incident during the heist leaving him with amnesia for certain critical information including where the stolen painting was stashed. In desperation, the gang enlist a hypnotist, Sarah (Susannah Harker) to recover Tony's memories…

Tony's first session with Sarah is off-camera, but overheard via the wire that Tony has been forced to wear by the rest of the gang (who don't exactly trust him). However, this session only succeeds in locating a set of Tony's car keys, which he had forgotten he'd lost. In the second session the gang interrupts by throwing a brick through the window when they suspect that Sarah's questions might reveal too much; but Sarah is already suspicious… and she wants in.

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