UFO (also known as Gerry Anderson's UFO) was a 1970-1971 British television series about the efforts of a shadowy government agency (SHADO) to protect and defend humanity from a secret alien invasion. The series was created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. This was the first attempt by the Andersons to produce a mature live-action television series, after gaining fame by producing a series of children's science fiction shows that used marionettes instead of actors.

The Psychobombs (Season 1, Episode 12) Edit

The aliens hypnotize three innocent people and turn them into mind-controlled walking bombs; their mission is to sabotage crucial SHADO infrastructure unless the agency agrees to disband itself. After two men blow themselves up, SHADO manages to capture the third bomber (Deborah Grant). But have they unwittingly brought a fox into their hen house?

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