Usa high-show

USA High was a 1997-1999 American television series about six students studying abroad at a French boarding school.

The Winnie Show (Season 1, Episode 38)Edit

Christian (Thomas Magiar) and Lazzarini (James Madio) use a home-built hypnosis machine as part of their entry in a talent contest. They try to hypnotize the school's headmaster (Nicholas Guest) and he appears to fall into a trance. They tell him that he will fall into a trance whenever he hears the word "Academy" and will agree with everything he is told, and that he will awake when he hears the snapping of fingers. To their disappointment, the headmaster reveals that he was not hypnotized at all. Meanwhile, Ms. Dupree (Angela Visser) is accidentally hypnotized by the machine and absorbs all of the suggestions meant for the headmaster.

The boys soon discover that Ms. Dupree is under their control. They place her into a trance to get things like free hall passes and a ride in her sports car. However, they feel guilty when they discover that the headmaster, who has a crush on Dupree, unknowingly put her into a trance and got her to agree to have a romantic dinner with him. Although he dismisses the boys when they try to warn him, he eventually notices that she's hypnotized and (after thinking long and hard about it) brings her out of her trance.