Unlucky Charms is a 2013 American horror movie produced by Full Moon Pictures about an evil fashion diva (Jeryl Prescott) who plans to sacrifice a group of aspiring models in order to maintain her own youth and beauty. The film also starred Nikki Leigh and Masuimi Max.

Plot SummaryEdit

Audrey (Tiffany Thornton), Sheila (Nikki Leigh), Erin (Anna Sophia Berglund), Mika (Masuimi Max), and Darla (Alex Rose Wiesel) arrive at a secluded country mansion to compete to be the new spokesmodel for fashion diva Dee Dee DeVille's new line of lingerie. Dee Dee then summons four mythical creatures using a magical bracelet, and orders them to kill the girls in order to steal their life force. Sheila is killed by the reluctant Farr Darrig (Nathan Philips), and Erin falls victim to the Banshee (Katrina Kemp), while Bloody Bones (Peter Badalamenti) uses single eye to hypnotize the girls for his amusement. Although Dee Dee tells the surviving girls that Sheila and Erin have simply quit the competition, they eventually realize that something more sinister is going on. Eventually Farr Darrig convinces the other monsters to rebel against Dee Dee and join up with the girls to defeat her once and for all.

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