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Upstream Color is a 2013 American movie about a man (Shane Carruth) and a woman (Amy Seimetz) whose struggle to rebuild their lives and find answers after their lives are ruined by a mind-controlling thief (Thiago Martins).

Plot SummaryEdit

Kris (Seimetz), a young professional, is tasered by The Thief (Martins) as she leaves a club. The Thief forces her to ingest a strange grub that places her into a hypnotic state and very open to suggestion. For the next few days, The Thief uses his hold on Kris to have her sign away all of her assets, collect all of her cash and valuable belongings from local banks, and take out large personal loans (giving him the money). Knowing that the grub's influence will expire soon, The Thief leaves. Kris is then drawn to a pig farm where a man known as The Sampler (Andrew Sensenig) removes the grub and implants it into a pig. Kris comes to her senses with no memory of her ordeal, and finds that she has lost her job, her possessions, and her money.

Kris meets Jeff (Carruth) and quickly bonds with him. She learns that he was also a victim of The Thief. As they attempt to rebuild their lives, they discover that they are both still connected to the strange pig farm, where The Sampler is using the pigs to breed more grubs for The Thief. Kris and Jeff confront and kill The Sampler and take over the pig farm, inviting other victims of The Thief to join them. In doing so, they deprive The Thief of his supply of grubs, ending his crime spree forever.

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