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V: The Final Battle is a 1984 American miniseries that originally aired on the NBC television network. It is a sequel to the 1983 miniseries V, in which aliens known as "The Visitors" arrive on Earth and secretly launch a plan to conquer the planet. V: The Final Battle follows the efforts of a small band of rebels led by Julie Parrish (Faye Grant) and Mike Donovan (Marc Singer) as they try to expose the secret plot to the world and to find a way to defeat the technologically-superior alien force. The miniseries also starred Jane Badler as alien Diana, as well as Robert Englund and Michael Ironside.

Scene SummaryEdit

The aliens have a brainwashing process called "conversion" and have been brainwashing people who are important and/or may be threat to their operations. The process was implied in the preceding miniseries, but disclosed in detail for the first time in V: The Final Battle.

In one scene, Dr. Corley Walker, a nobel prize winner who criticized the Visitors is kidnapped and briefly shown being placed in the conversion chamber. Later he is found TOO friendly to them.

The rebels secretly infiltrate a hospital where John (Richard Herd), the leader of the Visitors, plans to announce that aliens are giving humans a universal cure for cancer. During a live, worldwide TV broadcast, Julie (Grant) captures John and rips off his human disguise, revealing his true reptilian form to everyone. The rebels flee, but Julie is captured during the escape. She is taken to a Visitor mothership and is subjected to the brainwashing process to turn her into a Visitor ally.

Julie resists the process, in which she is subjected to horrifying hallucinations based on her worst fears. After a long process supervised by the Visitor Diana (Badler), which once put her on the brink of death from a heart attack, Julie finally breaks and offers she wants to be Diana's. When she collapsed exhausted, Donovan appears and shoots his way into the chamber but is killed. "Donovan" is revealed to be an alien in disguise, part of a Visitor "Fifth Column" that is helping the humans.

The almost brainwashed Julie is rescued by the rebels and manages to fight off the effect of conversion. Although not entirely herself, Julie pulls together enough to lead the rebels in a battle to destroy a pipeline designed to steal southern California's water supply.

Later the rebels are on the verge of defeating the Visitors and invade the mothership hovering over Los Angeles. Diana activates the ship's self-destruct mechanism; it will destroy the ship as well as the city below it. While the other rebels attempt to disarm the device and get the ship away from Earth, Julie guards Diana at gunpoint. Diana, however, is able to take control of Julie for just long enough to escape.

The conversion chamber scene left deep impressions to the viewers in 1980's and is often considered very erotic. Julie is put in a skin-tight bodysuit which accentuates her curves and sensitive areas, leaving very little to imagination, obviously simulating nudity. (In the novel, she is buck naked.) Throughout the torture, she gasps and moans soaked in tears and sweat, writhing and jiggling. The cameras and lights have been also placed in ways showing off her voluptuous body.


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