Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime is a British animated series made by Cosgrove Hall Productions for Thames Television and screened on Children's ITV from 6 September 1991 to 29 December 1992, and was based on the five-time villains of Gaston and Pierre from Count Duckula; it was the company's second production to be assistant by Alfonso Productions.

The series centered on the exploits of two bumbling French criminal bother; despite referencing the French author Victor Hugo. The plot of every episode focused on Victor, Hugo, Interpol (their parrot), and their English-based business "Naughtiness International" getting hired by criminal figures to steal something - and Victor would come up with a "meticulous plan" to achieve this goal, which was routinely botched by Hugo.

Hyp-not-isn't (Season 1, Episode 15) Edit

Victor gets a book on hypnosis and after reading it, tries to hypnotize himself with a pocket watch to become a better criminal. It backfires however when he accidently hypnotizes Hugo.

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