Virtua Fighter Title

Virtua Fighter was a 1995-1996 Japanese anime series based on the popular Virtua Fighter series of video games produced by Sega. It follows the adventures of Akira Yuki (Shin-ichiro Miki) and his companions as he goes on a quest to rediscover and reclaim his true strength as a fighter, signified by the ability to see the "eight stars of heaven" that are invisible to all but those who have true strength.

Episodes 17 and 18Edit

One of Akira's companions, Sarah Bryant (Maya Okamoto) is kidnapped by Eva Durix (Atsuko Tanaka) and her team of robotics scientists. Eva brainwashes Sarah to prove her theory that the "perfect soldier" is one who no longer has the ability to show fear or emotion. Fully under Eva's control, Sarah attacks her friends and her brother Jacky (Yasunori Matsumoto) while Eva collects data on every fight in order to perfect her mindless minion.

Episodes 21 and 22Edit

Eva brainwashes Pai (Naoko Matsui) into marrying Liu. Eva secretly plants a post-hypnotic suggestion that awakens Pai when she hears the words "Now you may kiss the bride," causing chaos at Liu's elaborate (and televised) wedding in Hong Kong. Akira and the gang crash the wedding (literally!) to rescue her.

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