Wedding Peach manga vol 1

Wedding Peach is the enchanting tale of Momoko Hanasaki. Momoko is just a typical 14-year old junior high school girl. Her pastimes consist of surviving school, having fun with her friends, and finding someone to fall in love with and eventually marry in a beautiful ceremony like her mother and father had before her.

Pajama And The Sleeping Princess (Season 1, Episode 8) Edit

Amen is torn up before hate because it does not want to succeed it to extinguish the dear under the person. It sends Pajama, the sleep spirit loosely. This possesses the capacity to hypnotize the persons and to transfer in depth sleep. They follow it voluntarily into the country of the pretty dream and notice not that they always more weakly become, because the dear is withdrawn from them, and they must die then. Also Momoko becomes the victim of Pajama. It finds its mother Sakura in the dream again and follows it’s always more deeply into the dangerous country the dream. Jamapi betrays Yuri and Hinagiku that the single possibilities to rescue, Momoko, a kiss of the boys is, that it earnestly loves.

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