Wonder Woman is a 1942 - present American comic book series about an Amazonian warrior who leaves her homeland and travels to "Man's World" to protect the people of Earth from criminals, aliens, and other threats.

Shell Game (Volume 2, Issue 128)Edit

Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, the fomer Wonder Woman now working as a solo crime-fighter, visits Gateway City's boardwalk with Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, and Cassie's friend Georgia. Georgia leads them to Egg Fu, a recently-rediscovered supercomputer from the 19th century. Egg Fu promises to answer every question asked of it, but Georgia notices that every 11th person in line disappears into a nearby building. Artemis joins the line so that she'll be the next 11th person, and is immediately placed into a hypnotic trance by Egg Fu. The others watch as the entranced Artemis walks into the building.

Harvest of Souls (Volume 2, Issue 129)Edit

Donna Troy fakes being hypnotized to gain access to the secret building and discovers that the entranced victims are being stored in tubes for transport to Apokolips. She is attacked by Artemis, who has been hypnotized into thinking that her friends are otherworldly monsters. Donna, Cassie, Georgia, and Queen Hippolyta (who has taken on the role of Wonder Woman) manage to break Egg Fu's control over Artemis and to foil his evil plans.

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