Wrestling Women vs The Aztec Mummy (original title: Las Luchadoras contra la Momia) is a 1964 Mexican action/horror movie about two wrestlers (Lorena Velazquez, Elizabeth Campbell) who face off against a criminal syndicate that hopes to locate and steal an ancient treasure map from an Aztec mummy's tomb.

Plot SummaryEdit

An archaeologist leaves a secret codex in the hands of a Professor (Víctor Velazquez) before being murdered by the Black Dragon gang. The Professor divides the codex into there pieces and gives one each to Gloria Venus (Lorena Velazquez), Golden Rubi (Elizabeth Campbell) and Gloria's fiance Armando (Armando Silvestre) for safekeeping. The Black Dragons kidnap Chela (Maria Eugenia San Martin), the daughter of a murdered archaeologist, and implant her with a mind control device. Now under the gang's control, Chela steals two pieces of the codex.

Later, the gang switches tactics, frees Chela from her mind control, and allows the codex to fall into the hands of the heroes- the gang then waits for the heroes to decipher the codex, travel to the pyramid, and retrieve that treasure map. Unfortunately, the heroes also free the Aztec Mummy, leading to an all-out final battle between the wrestlers, the gang, and the mummy.

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