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Young Sherlock Holmes is a 1985 American movie that explores the origins of the famous British detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusted assistant John Watson. It is based on characters created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The film starred Nicholas Rowe, Alan Cox, Sophie Ward, and Anthony Higgins.

Plot SummaryEdit

Sherlock Holmes (Rowe) and John Watson (Cox) meet and become friends while enrolled at a London boarding school. Holmes, Watson, and Elizabeth (Ward) investigate a series of mysterious deaths in London, including that of Elizabeth's uncle. They discover that a secret Egyptian cult is killing off members of a British expedition that found, and later destroyed, an Egyptian pyramid. In addition to killing off the men, the group has been abducting young women, hypnotizing them, and sacrificing them to replace the bodies of the five Egyptian princesses that were destroyed along with the pyramid.

While Holmes and Watson are putting the pieces of the mystery together, Elizabeth is captured by Professor Rathe (Higgins), the cult's leader. He uses his ring to hypnotize her. She is then led to the temple to be sacrificed, while Holmes and Watson race to the scene to save her.


Elizabeth wrapped

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they await..

Mummification Ritual

being taken to her coffin

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being placed in the coffin

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the ceremony begins

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